We’re excited to announce the new n8n desktop app – the fastest way to get started with n8n workflow automation, free to use and simple to install.

n8n desktop app - Powerful low code workflows on your desktop | Product Hunt

Why n8n desktop?

Our mission is to give everyone who uses a computer technical superpowers, regardless of their technical knowledge, budget, or operating system. While ever more people are using n8n to automate their business processes, we always wanted to make n8n as widely available and accessible as possible.

That’s why we’ve wrapped the powerful functionality of n8n into a pre-packaged application that you can download and run on your computer. n8n desktop provides now the easiest way of getting started with workflow automation.

n8n desktop is the ideal option if you:

  • want to try out n8n quickly before investing more time in setting it up
  • don't want to create an n8n cloud account, or use the command line
  • need pretty much all the features of our existing deployment methods
  • need to create desktop automations easily
  • want it all for free
n8n desktop app
n8n desktop app

How to get the n8n desktop app

You’re only two steps away from using n8n desktop:

  1. Download n8n desktop for Mac or Windows.
  2. Install the app on your computer.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to start building workflows and automate your life.