Did you know that Telegram has experienced phenomenal growth over the last decade?

With over 800 million users and arguably the most developer-friendly ecosystem among major messenger platforms, it's no surprise that developers are creating Telegram bots in all colors and flavors.

Most popular messenger apps worldwide in June 2023, by monthly downloads.
Most popular messenger apps worldwide in June 2023, by monthly downloads.

In this article, we'll highlight the top 11 Telegram bots for productivity and team collaboration and show how easy it is to create your own bots using n8n – a source-available workflow automation tool.

With n8n’s Telegram integrations, you can seamlessly create and manage Telegram bots, connecting them to a diverse range of services. This allows you to set up automated workflows without the need for extensive coding:

Let’s get to the list of best bots for Telegram and then see where n8n's Telegram integration comes in!

11 best Telegram bots

In the following sections of the article, we review various useful Telegram bots. We’ve handpicked bots for productivity and teamwork, but there are many more bots beyond the scope of this article.

Click on the Bot name in the left column of the table to jump directly to the bot description.

Bot What for Link
Timer Bot
⏰ Implement the Pomodoro technique
(25 minutes of focused work, followed
by a 5-minute break)
Skeddy Bot 📆 Set up automated reminders
for your tasks
New File
Converter Bot
🔄 Convert your files in different
formats with ease
Link Shortener
🔗 Shorten long URLs t.me/LinkShortenerZBot
Dropmail Bot 📧 Get an anonymous burner email t.me/DropmailBot
File to Bot ☁️ This bot makes a cloud storage
out of the files
Zoom Bot 📹 Create zoom meetings
right from your Telegram account
Poll Bot
📊 Create advanced group polls t.me/ultimate_pollbot
Livegram Bot 🤖 Make a user support bot t.me/LivegramBot
Manybot 🧰 Telegram bot-making tool t.me/Manybot
Combot 🌐 Turn your group into a community:
antispam, moderation, analytics and more

Pomodoro Timer Bot

The @pomodoro_timer_bot is a simple yet highly effective productivity bot on Telegram. It uses the Pomodoro Technique, a well-known time-management method. The bot is designed to enhance productivity and focus and is perfect for individual users or even team environments.

@pomodoro_timer_bot features:

  • Pomodoro Timer: The bot has a built-in 25-minute timer, the standard time of the Pomodoro technique. After each timer, you get a short break to recharge before the next round of focused work.
  • Customizable Timers: Adjust your work and break times to suit your requirements and improve your productivity levels and work habits.
  • Statistics: The bot provides statistics of your performance to help you understand your productivity levels and how to improve them.
  • Team Collaboration: The bot can be added to group chats, making it an effective tool for managing team projects. All members of the group can see the timer, which promotes synchronized work sessions and breaks.
  • Notifications: The bot will send you notifications when your work session is finished and when your break is over, so you can maintain a steady workflow.
All Telegram bots are multi-platform and can be used on any device where Telegram is installed, be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Skeddy Bot

The @skeddybot is a powerful scheduling bot on Telegram designed to make your life easier by organizing your events, appointments and tasks in a single place. With its user-friendly interface, you can plan your day, week or even the entire month without missing any important dates.

@skeddybot features:

  • Simple Scheduling: With @skeddybot, all you have to do is type an event into a chat, such as  “call John in 20 minutes” or “send a presentation tomorrow at 10am”. The bot takes care of the rest and reminds you when the event is due.
  • Recurring Events: The bot allows you to schedule regularly occurring events, such as weekly team meetings or monthly bill payments. Set it once and the bot will remind you at the configured intervals.
  • Web Interface: @skeddybot has a web version where you can view and customize the reminders. This useful feature simplifies the initial setup as adding multiple reminders in the Telegram app can be a bit tedious.
  • Custom Reminders: You can set custom reminders for any event. Whether you want to be reminded a week, a day or an hour before the event, @skeddybot does it all.
  • Time Zone Support: The bot can deal effectively with different time zones and ensures that planning remains correct even for international teams.

New File Converter Bot

The @newfileconverterbot is an extremely versatile bot available on Telegram. It allows you to convert files from one format to another with utmost ease and convenience. The bot supports a wide range of file formats, making it an indispensable tool for both individuals and teams. Whether you need to convert a document for personal use or share a file in a specific format with your team, the @newfileconverterbot is there for you.

@newfileconverterbot features:

  • Wide range of format support: The bot supports a wide range of file formats, from common ones like PDF, DOC and JPG to more specialized formats for eBooks and subtitles. This ensures that you can meet virtually any file conversion requirement.
  • Multimedia support: The bot also supports video and audio conversions, including audio messages from Telegram and Whatsapp.
  • Easy to Use: The @newfileconverterbot has been designed with ease of use in mind. Converting a file is as simple as uploading and selecting the desired output format.
  • Fast Conversion: The bot processes and converts your files quickly, minimizing waiting time and enhancing productivity.
  • Multiuser support: You can add this bot into a Telegram group so that all your team members can convert files in a single place.

The @LinkShortenerZBot is an extremely useful and efficient bot on Telegram that specializes in shortening long, cumbersome URLs into neat, manageable links. The bot serves as an essential tool for personal use and team collaboration that makes sharing and organizing links more convenient and straightforward.

@LinkShortenerZBot features:

  • Multiple URL-shortening services: The bot supports several services, such as bitly, cuttly, is.gd and many others. You can also provide an access token from your account on several platforms so that the bot will create links on your behalf.
  • Custom Alias: The bot allows you to create a custom alias for your shortened link. This can greatly improve the readability and memorability of the link, especially when sharing it with others.
  • Link Tracking: With the @LinkShortenerZBot you can track the number of clicks your shortened link receives. This is a great feature to gauge the reach and impact of your shared content.
  • Team Collaboration: In a team environment, the bot can greatly increase the efficiency of link sharing and organization. Everyone in the team can see and use the shortened links, making it easier to share and access shared resources.
  • Ease of Use: The @LinkShortenerZBot has been designed to be user-friendly. Shortening a link is as simple as sending it into the bot.

Dropmail Bot

The @DropmailBot is a reliable bot on Telegram that is used to provide disposable email addresses from the dropmail.me service. Its main purpose is to protect your privacy and keep your primary email clutter-free. The bot is a practical tool mainly for private users.

@DropmailBot features:

  • Disposable Email Addresses: The bot generates temporary and disposable email addresses that you can use for short-term purposes.
  • Spam Protection: With @DropmailBot you can avoid giving out your main email address, effectively reducing the amount of spam and unwanted emails you receive.
  • Privacy Protection: The bot helps you protect your personal information by providing an alternative email address for situations that require one. This is ideal when you sign up to untrusted services or websites.
  • Email Management: The @DropmailBot provides the basic ability to view emails directly from the bot. For full functionality users can visit the dropmail.me website or install a native Android app.
  • Ease of Use: The bot is user-friendly, creating a disposable email address is done in a few clicks, after which the bot automatically sends the content of all incoming emails directly to Telegram.

File to Bot

The @filetobot is a tool designed for simple and efficient file management. It uses Telegram's built-in file storage, which is available to all users. Whether you're an individual looking to save files and access them on the go or a team looking to optimize file sharing and collaboration, this bot is equipped to meet your needs.

@filetobot features:

  • File Storage and Retrieval: The bot allows you to send files, photos and documents to it for safekeeping. You can easily retrieve these files at any time by searching for them within the bot.
  • File Organization: The @filetobot allows you to create folders and subfolders for easy and organized file storage. This feature is incredibly useful for managing project files in a team environment.
  • File Sharing: Files can be shared directly from the bot in a Telegram chat, making it easy to share documents with teammates or friends without having to leave the platform.
  • File Preview: Where possible, the bot provides a preview of files before you download them. This allows you to quickly find the file you're looking for without having to download multiple files.

Zoom Bot

The @zoombot combines the functionality of Zoom with the convenience of Telegram, making it a valuable tool for anyone who frequently uses Zoom for meetings, webinars or virtual gatherings. It provides a simplified way to manage your Zoom meetings, whether you're working alone or in a team.

@zoombot features:

  • Meeting Scheduling: The bot allows you to schedule Zoom meetings directly from your Telegram chat. Simply enter the desired date and time and the bot will create the meeting for you.
  • Instant Meeting Creation: Need to start a meeting right away? The bot has the solution for you. It can instantly create a Zoom meeting and provide you with the link to share with your participants.
  • Meeting Reminders: The @zoombot can send automatic reminders to all meeting participants, ensuring that no one forgets about the upcoming meeting. This feature is especially useful for teams working on joint projects.
  • Join Meetings: Join a Zoom meeting directly from Telegram by clicking on the meeting link provided by the bot. No need to open a separate app or browser.
  • Integration with Zoom: The bot integrates perfectly with your Zoom account, syncing your scheduled meetings and ensuring that you can manage all your Zoom activities from Telegram.
  • Team Collaboration: When added to a team’s group chat, the bot can create and manage Zoom meetings for the entire team, simplifying the process of team meetings and promoting a more organised approach to remote collaboration.

Ultimate Poll Bot

The @ultimate_pollbot is an open-source Telegram bot that specialises in creating and managing advanced polls. It's an excellent tool for situations where the standard polling solution is not enough. Whether you're conducting a quick poll among friends or seeking a team consensus on a project issue, the @ultimate_pollbot is here to streamline the process.

@ultimate_pollbot features:

  • Poll Creation: The bot allows you to create a variety of polls including multiple-choice, single-option, anonymous and non-anonymous polls. You can customize the poll question and the answer options according to your needs.
  • Live Results: The @ultimate_pollbot provides live results for your polls. You can see the votes as they come in and the results are updated automatically.
  • Poll Management: The bot allows you to close the poll when you're ready and it will calculate and present the final results. You also have the option to delete the poll if required.
  • Team Collaboration: In a team environment, the @ultimate_pollbot can be used to facilitate decision-making processes. From deciding on the next team outing to solving project issues, the bot simplifies the collection and analysis of team opinions.

Livegram Bot

@LivegramBot is a feedback bot builder for Telegram. It acts as a conduit and forwards messages that users send to your bot directly to your chat, enabling real-time interaction and effective communication. This intuitive bot not only supports all message types, whether text, photo, video or sticker, but also allows you to connect with groups, expanding the scope of interaction.

@LivegramBot features:

  • Feedback oriented: @LivegramBot is set up so that other users can conveniently contact you through your bot. You can effortlessly reply to them in your personal chat with the bot or in a connected group.
  • Versatile message support: @LivegramBot supports all message types. Regardless of the format of the message – be it text, photo, video or sticker – you can receive it through your bot.
  • Multilingual support: With @LivegramBot, language is not an obstacle. You can add multiple languages, modify their strings and even categorize receiving messages from users of specific languages by groups.
  • Broadcasting capability: @LivegramBot allows you to send broadcast posts to all bot users simultaneously or based on their language preference.
  • Detailed statistics: @LivegramBot provides bot usage statistics such as counts of incoming and outgoing messages and the number of active users, all available in the bot settings.
  • Bot ownership transfer: If required, @LivegramBot enables the simple transfer of bot ownership. The bot can also be switched off depending on user requirements.


@Manybot is another powerful tool for creating Telegram bots. With over 100,000 bots currently managed through its platform, Manybot is an ideal solution for individuals and businesses that want to engage their audience in a unique and interactive way.

@Manybot features:

  • Send messages to subscribers: This feature allows bot admins to send various types of content, including text, pictures, videos and files.
  • Create custom commands: With custom commands, your bot can reply with a predefined message or a random message from a list. This can help make your bot more interactive and engaging.
  • Design beautiful multilevel menus: Manybot's visual editor lets you create attractive menus and submenus in no time. This feature allows users to interact with your bot without having to type the commands.
  • Collaborative management: If you need help managing your bot, you can add more admins who will have the same powers as you, excluding the ability to delete the bot or change the admin list.
  • Automate posting: If you have a blog with an RSS feed or a YouTube channel, you can set up autoposting from that platform to your bot. This enables every new piece of content to be automatically sent out to your subscribers.
  • 6 display languages: Manybot supports six display languages, such as English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hebrew and Persian. This allows you to customize the appearance of standard system messages to better cater to your users.


@combot is a powerful Telegram bot designed to help manage and analyse group chats. It is one of the most popular bots used by channel administrators to moderate their communities. Using @combot, you can turn your Telegram group into a productive team workspace where communication is efficient, manageable and interactive.

@combot features:

  • Statistics and analytics: Combot provides detailed reports and analytics on your group's activity, helping you discover peak engagement times and better understand your group's dynamics.
  • Anti-spam protection: It ensures your group remains spam-free with its advanced anti-spam system. It also identifies and automatically restricts members who engage in spamming activities.
  • Automated moderation: It provides automated moderation to help keep your conversation clean and on-topic. It can remove inappropriate messages and warn or ban users who violate the group rules.
  • Custom commands: You can create custom commands for frequently submitted information to save time and improve the efficiency of your team communication.
  • User reputation system: A built-in reputation system tracks member's behaviour, encouraging positive participation and discouraging negativity.
  • Multilingual support: Combot understands and speaks several languages, making it perfect for international teams.

How to make Telegram bots with n8n?

While we listed 11 Telegram bots for specific tasks, tools like n8n can handle all your Telegram bot actions in one place.

Here are some examples of Telegram bots you can create using n8n:

n8n is a versatile workflow automation tool that allows you to interact with the Telegram API to create bots that perform a wide range of tasks.

And the best part is that n8n handles bot hosting for you. As long as you have a running n8n instance, you can create and connect multiple bots within a single n8n installation.

Let's see n8n's Telegram bot in practice now!

Make a Telegram echo-bot for debugging

Now we’ll show you how to create a simple but useful Telegram echo-bot.

You can use this echo-bot to get a quick grasp of the JSON structure for various Telegram messages, such as re-posts, stickers, audio-files and more. This bot will help you to process JSON keys correctly in different scenarios.

Here’s a workflow for a simple echo-bot:

You can create an echo bot from just two n8n nodes
You can create an echo bot from just two n8n nodes

Let’s take a closer look at both nodes.

  1. The Telegram Trigger node.
Telegram Trigger configured to receive all events
Telegram Trigger configured to receive all events

Provide Credentials and select All updates (*) from the Trigger on the drop-down list. In this way, the bot is activated for all possible events.

  1. Next, configure a Telegram node.
Echo-bot simply sends back an incoming JSON message
Echo-bot simply sends back an incoming JSON message
  • Select “Send Message” as an Operation;
  • Enter {{ $json.message.from.id }} as the ChatID;
  • Next, enter {{ JSON.stringify($json, null, 2) }} inside a triple quote. We want to send back a formatted JSON message,so both triple quotes and a Markdown Parse Mode are required;
  • Finally, you can turn off the Append n8n Attribution toggle.

And that’s it!

Whenever you send a Telegram message to the bot, it will return back the JSON structure of that message. Besides simple text messages, you can also forward other messages or even upload files, pick stickers and so on. Let’s take a look at the example:

The echo bot receives a JSON of the last message and sends it back to the user
The echo bot receives a JSON of the last message and sends it back to the user
  • When a user sends a message to the bot (top arrow), the Telegram platform stores it in a JSON format and passes it to n8n;
  • N8n then takes this JSON message and sends it back slightly formatted for better readability (bottom curly arrow).

With this bot, you can learn the JSON structures of different message types faster than if you read the Telegram Bot API documentation.

Creating Telegram bots is very simple and straightforward these days. Check out the step-by-step setup instructions from one of our previous articles on how to create an AI-chatbot in Telegram.

Are Telegram bots free?

The majority of bots are created by third-party developers. This means that only the developers decide whether their bots are free or not. Most Telegram bots are free, but you need to check the terms and conditions for each individual bot.

Are Telegram bots safe?

Currently, there is no official bot marketplace on the Telegram platform featuring vetted developers or independent code review.

Also, some bots can be added to groups with admin rights and potentially break things if the bot's creators are hacked. Telegram introduces some scopes of what the bot can do and see in a group chat. It is therefore important to pay attention to these settings and adjust them accordingly.

In general, for mission-critical business operations, it’s always better to create your own bots or self-host some of the open-source bots.

Create your own safe Telegram bots

Build advanced Telegram bots 10x faster, without fighting APIs

Wrap Up

In this article, we gave an overview of the 11 best Telegram bots for personal productivity and team collaboration.

In the second half of the article, we explained how you can create your own Telegram bot with n8n and without any coding knowledge. This echo bot sends back a JSON representation of a Telegram message and helps developers debug their bots.

What’s next?

With n8n, you can connect Telegram to hundreds of other services thanks to the numerous built-in nodes. With generic HTTP Request and Webhook nodes you can go even further and integrate Telegram with virtually any third-party tool.

Whether you're working alone, in a small team, or in an enterprise, n8n got you covered. Choose from our cloud plans and jump-start right away or explore powerful features of the Enterprise edition, trusted by many large corporations.

Join the community forum and share the best Telegram bots you know!