n8n offers a unique pricing model that sets our platform apart as one of the most affordable and scalable options in the market. Unlike other platforms that charge per operation, step, or task, n8n charges only for full workflow executions. This approach guarantees predictable costs and scalability, no matter the complexity or volume of your workflows.

Embracing limitless complexity

In the automation space, complexity is not only inevitable but a force to be harnessed. The execution advantage enables you to navigate complexity without the fear of escalating costs. Whether your workflows are simple or intricate, whether they handle small or large volumes of data, you pay a flat rate for your execution quota.

How does our pricing model compares to other alternatives?

Most platforms in the automation space charge by "step" or "task," meaning every individual action within a workflow counts against your quota. In contrast, with n8n, you can create complex workflows with thousands of operations, all within a single execution.

For example, if your workflows perform around 100k tasks or steps, it could cost you $500+/month elsewhere. But with n8n's pro plan, the cost starts and remains around $50. Our pricing scales only if you need more executions, not added steps.

How does this pricing benefit me as a user?

With the execution advantage, you're in control. You can craft and run complex workflows, process large volumes of data, and scale your operations without worrying about costs spiraling out of control. The predictability in pricing allows for easier budgeting, while the ability to handle complexity gives you the flexibility to meet changing business needs. It's about offering you the freedom to innovate without constraints.

What about our enterprise offerings?

For companies with larger-scale needs, our model shines even brighter. The predictability and limitless complexity allow organizations to run intricate, high-volume workflows at a consistent cost. Our enterprise plans offer unlimited executions and include priority support, developer-focused tools, and robust security and compliance features, all contributing to a seamless, worry-free experience. Contact sales if you want to know more.