We’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on in the past few weeks. We’ve a lot to share, from new features, improved debugging experience and cloud plans updates.


1. Ask AI: Generate code from simple prompts describing your goal while using the code node.
2. Form Trigger node: a new way to trigger a workflow upon form submission.
3. Debug in Editor in every failed execution, you’ll be able to go directly to the source of the problem.
4. Workflow History: go back to any previous workflow version.
5. Sharing is now available on Cloud Starter plans.
6. Cloud plans now have a yearly option with 20% off.

October kicked off with the announcement of our LangChain integration, paving the way for building AI-powered apps with n8n. Now, you can embed advanced AI logic in your workflows and combine them with any of our pre-built connectors. If you haven’t caught up with the details, we encourage you to:

n8n is embracing AI from two fronts: n8n for AI with our LangChain integration and AI for n8n to enrich your workflow building experience, extending n8n's flexibility when using code node to a broader audience.

New features

With the Ask AI feature you can now  generate code with a simple prompt describing your goal using the code node. We understand that some n8n users might lack coding experience or may be new to n8n's data structure principles. With AskAI, generating code and manually editing it to suit your needs becomes a breeze. Explore our docs for recommendations and examples on crafting effective prompts.


While AI has stirred excitement internally, it’s not the sole focus. A year ago, Jon, n8n’s community engineer and a popular figure in our forum, introduced a Form Trigger Node. Now, the team has integrated this into our core nodes.


Like many companies, we rely heavily on forms. The Form Trigger Node offers a swift, simple solution to initiate workflows from team data collection, lead generation campaigns, or internal workflows with defined scenarios based on form input data. We're thrilled about this node and trust you will be too!.

Improved experience

We understand the anxiety that comes with encountering failed executions in your workflows. The hassle of toggling between execution views and your workflow editor for debugging has been addressed with a new Debug in editor button you’ll see in every failed execution, directing you precisely to the buggy node in tour workflow.


We also have noticed how n8n is increasingly adopted by larger teams. Several editors working on complex workflows can sometimes lead to frustration when tracking changes. Hence, we're introducing Workflow History, providing version history that allows reverting to any previous workflow version. This feature is now available in Cloud Pro plans with up to 5 days of version history, and unlimited history for enterprise users.


Updates on Cloud Plans

We're extending all sharing capabilities to the Starter plan, enabling you to share your workflows and credentials with an unlimited number of users to foster teamwork and productivity.

Plus, yearly plans are now available on Cloud with a 20% discount. If you've been using n8n Cloud, you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Upgrade and save on your subscription here.

That’s all for our October rundown. We’d love your thoughts, so please share your feedback in the community forum. Stay tuned for more updates—we can’t wait to share what’s next!