We’re thrilled to announce that we raised $12m in Series A funding led by Felicis Ventures, bringing our total funding to nearly $14m. We couldn’t be more grateful to our community for supporting us up to this point and continuously inspiring us to build n8n. Here, we want to share with you how we plan to use this money.

Why we raised

We have come a long way since our seed funding round in March 2020: we have significantly improved n8n, launched n8n.cloud, added 130+ new integrations, grown our team with incredible people, and formed a community of over 16,000 n8n enthusiasts from around the world. We are inspired every day by the creative way in which people use n8n, in both their personal and professional life. The experiences and feedback from the past year show us that the world is ready for no-code and encourage us to continue on this path.

Our strong belief is that in the future everyone will be a citizen developer.

There’s still a long way to go in the workflow automation space and plenty of new ideas we want to implement. At this point, the new trust and resources invested into us allow us to pursue our mission of turning everyone into a citizen developer.

What’s next?

What sets n8n apart from other workflow automation tools is more power and extensibility, letting you tweak every element of your workflow, dig down to the code, and add advanced logic, as well as our fair-code model and passionate community around it. This will continue to be our focus.

Specifically, the new funding round helps us pursue two main goals in the next months: growing our team with top talent and developing our product with new features.

Jan is building a strong team with incredible momentum to bring n8n’s next-generation open workflow automation solution to a growing community of developers across multiple industries.

Aydin Senkut, Founder and Managing Partner of Felicis Ventures

Growing our team

Only one year ago, we were four people brainstorming and working on n8n from a new office in Berlin. Today, our team has 16 members – and counting! As we continue to develop and expand n8n, we need more hands on the deck – so come join us! We are already hiring across all departments, including engineering, developer relations, sales, and marketing.

Besides domain-specific technical skills, we value having a community-minded, transparent, and fair company culture, where people work with autonomy. We are all passionate about automation and organise quarterly hackathons where everyone builds together new products or automates company processes with n8n. Living up to our values, we use a lot of open source technology internally and encourage everyone to support such initiatives, by offering every employee $100 per month to donate to open source projects they care about.

If this sounds like your dream team, send over your application – we look forward to meeting you!

Developing n8n

Our top priority remains building a high-quality product that equips everyone who uses a computer with technical superpowers!

We are excited to see that the n8n GitHub repository now has over 13K stargazers and many valuable contributions from enthusiastic users. Thank you all for your support, and a big thank you to our amazing customers and community members, without whom this wouldn’t be possible.

In the next few months, we will focus on building a more powerful solution targeted at tech-savvy users, responding to our customers’ requests and business use cases. Currently we are working on several new nodes and features, on the way to releasing n8n 1.0. Moreover, we will be introducing a user management system and certification courses that acknowledge your n8n skills.

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Thank you for choosing n8n, sharing your ideas, and supporting us!