We are happy to announce that n8n cloud users on the Pro and Power plan can now benefit from our two latest features focusing on collaboration: Credential & Workflow sharing. These two highly requested features will enable your team to take your workflow automation efforts to the next level by improving collaboration capabilities.

Credential sharing

User management in n8n makes it possible to invite people to work in your n8n instance, but you are not able to share credentials with each other. Credential sharing allows multiple users to access and use the same set of credentials & connections without having to individually create and manage their own. This will make it simpler for the team to build workflows and connecting tools as well as increase security by reducing the number of credentials that need to be distributed and managed.

Workflow sharing

Often times, owners of a specific workflow might not be the actual builder of it. You might also have workflows that you do not want everyone to have access to due to sensitive data or that you simple want to make sure nobody actually does any changes to it with your knowledge of it.  

Workflow sharing allows you to share workflows between users of the same n8n instance. This will make it a lot easier to give the right people access to the right workflow as well as revoking it if needed.

Start using these features today by upgrading your instance or by creating a new account. The pro plan is priced at €50 per month while the power plan starts at €120 per month.