We’re excited to launch the n8n Beginner’s Course (Level 1)! This free, online, hands-on course is the first in a series of courses that train you to become a low-code automation expert with n8n.

Why n8n courses?

Our core belief is that in the future everyone will be a citizen developer and we want to equip everyone who uses a computer with technical superpowers!

To this end, we are creating courses to help you learn the most important concepts and skills necessary for workflow automation in a structured and engaging way. We believe in learning by doing, so we combine the theoretical information about basic concepts and components of n8n with practical (business) workflows that you’ll build step by step.

In this way, you will not only acquire the basic knowledge of using n8n, but you will also be prepared to deal with clients requesting workflow automation for specific use cases.

At the end of the course, you can take a quiz to test your knowledge and get a badge, proving to the world your automation skills in n8n – we believe all good work deserves recognition!

What you will learn in the Level 1 course

The Level 1 course is aimed at anyone interested in workflow automation as a solution to solving work or personal tasks that otherwise would be time-consuming and boring.

You don’t need any prior knowledge or coding skills to get started – only a computer with your preferred OS, eagerness to learn, and around two hours you can dedicate to the course.

In the Level 1 course, you will learn how to navigate the Editor UI, how data is structured in n8n, how to configure nodes and workflows, and finally how to save and share your workflows with others.

Throughout the course, you will build two workflows: a two-node workflow to get articles from Hacker News and a seven-node workflow to get records from a data warehouse, filter them, make calculations, and send notifications in Discord the results.

Sounds exciting? Then sign up for the course here and start building. We are already working on Level 2 and Level 3 courses for more advanced users – subscribe to our newsletter to find out when they are released!