We are excited to announce that our very first version of User Management is now available on self-hosted versions of n8n! This new functionality allows you to invite users to your n8n instance so they can build their own workflows.

Benefits of User Management in n8n

Managing multiple n8n instances in the same team, department or company can be a headache.

In this first version of user management, you will be able to invite team members to join your n8n instance. They will be able to create both workflows and their own credentials in your n8n instance, and as an owner, you can CRUD all workflows and credentials that members create.

Learn how to start adding users to your instance by visiting our docs.

What's next for User Management?

We are still actively working on improving our user management feature and are considering adding more granular permissions, allowing sharing, and more.

We would love to hear what you would like to see next to more easily build n8n workflows with your team. Leave your thoughts on our forum.