No-code/low-code tools are changing how we build applications. They are empowering people to develop solutions faster. My name is Tom Osman, and I run a weekly newsletter called ‘The Trial’.

I talked with Ben Ford of Commando Development and Dub Lee, System Architect at Honest Burgers, to know how Honest Burgers uses low code platforms to build automation. Using this automation, Honest Burgers is saving $100k per year! In this conversation, Ben gives an introduction to n8n and shares his experience with the automation tool. Ben also shares how he used n8n to move the data from Google Sheets to five different Postgres tables. Dub and Ben share more insights on how low code tools empower people to build solutions faster. If you are still wondering how low-code tools can benefit you, check out this video.

How Honest Burgers Use Automation to save $100k per year

Though Honest Burgers is using a different service for their automation, they are plan to move them to n8n. As Ben explains, n8n gives you the power to have complete control of your workflow. You can host n8n on your server and build automation workflows. Using n8n, you can connect anything to everything, and it is like hunting with a bazooka!

Building automation with n8n can help you reduce human labor and cost. n8n provides you a graphical interface that helps in visualizing the process of building a workflow. Low code platforms empower us to develop solutions without the need for big budgets. They help in developing solutions quickly and test new ideas without any over-head