Gustavo Salvador, digital strategist and digital training co-producer at MSG Agência Digital, has been using n8n in his online business. We talked to him about how he uses n8n workflows for digital marketing and creative content for his clients.

Hi Gustavo, tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Gustavo Salvador, I work as a digital strategist and digital training co-producer. I also run a digital marketing agency that has been running 100% remotely for over a year and growing constantly. We plan daily sales funnels, lead generation, marketing email automation, social media content, video editing, and other tasks related to digital authority construction and digital product sales.

Have you tried other automation tools before?

I have always loved process automation and it made me love the digital market. I worked as an occupational safety technician in the steel industry before joining the digital marketing ecosystem, so I know how industries work. I tried some tools, but none with the power that n8n provides. It was undoubtedly love at first sight, even for users like me who are not programmers. The installation was easy, practical, and the functions are endless. Being a fair-code project allows me great power to work with strategy automation and possibilities.

What kind of workflows are you building with n8n?

At MSG Agência Digital, I work as a specialist co-producer in a few areas, like paid traffic management, design, video editing, copywriting, web design, and sales strategy, while my team works on support levels 1 and 2. But we also want to have a social impact.

People who are getting started with digital marketing can become affiliated with our stores, learn about digital marketing, and become sales representatives for some extra cash. Many of our affiliates are not experts in digital marketing, so we teach them how to come up with effective strategies and help them build a lead database without having to set up different tools.

Our own setup includes Hotmart for the sales process and WordPress for creating landing pages, promoting webinars, and general company information. We also sell this toolkit to other companies that have a similar business model.

For example, for a client we created a landing page on WordPress with the goal of collecting user information via a signup form. We use WordPress plugins to post the lead information to an n8n webhook, which then creates a card on a Trello board for each of our affiliates. Our Trello board works similar to a CRM where each affiliate gets in touch with their potential customers and closes the deals. From Trello, the sales reps qualify leads and finish the sales process. Here is a recording of this workflow (in Portuguese):

Which integrations do you use the most?

Currently I am using Webhook and Trello nodes. I am also working on more integrations using Google Sheets, Mautic, Asana, and a few others.

Which n8n feature do you like the most?

The possibility to add custom scripts is great for adding business logic to workflows.

Have you created n8n workflows for personal use?

Not yet, I have been working on automating business processes first, but I have a couple of ideas for personal workflows. One is to automate the many WhatsApp calls I get. Another is to control the office lighting and devices like AC systems. I’d like to try to do this with n8n in the future.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to try n8n?

My tip is to try to understand processes before creating workflows, so you can find repeatable and automatable patterns that can be converted into workflows.

How do you see yourself using n8n in the future?

I believe I will build many workflows in the near future, I am studying some new use cases. I want to master all n8n functionalities and the features it provides and create new automations for my daily job. For example, I’d like to automate billing processes, course certificate generation, and payments to service providers via n8n.

Is there a feature you would like to have on n8n that currently does not exist?

I would like to see a bigger Portuguese speaking community and more workflow tutorials in Portuguese, with practical applications and goals.

n8n users come from a wide range of backgrounds, experience levels, and interests. We have been looking to highlight different users and their projects in our blog posts. If you’re working with n8n and would like to inspire the community, email Lorena to tell your story 💌