Last summer, we launched the first n8n course, which introduces you to the basics of workflow automation in n8n. Now, we’re excited to launch the n8n Course Level 2, which helps you take your automation skills to the next level!

This free, online, hands-on course is the second in a series of courses that train you to become a low-code automation expert with n8n.

What you will learn in the Level 2 course

The focus in this course is on working with data. You will learn how to:

  • Use the data structure of n8n correctly.
  • Process different data types (for example, XML, HTML, date, time, and binary data).
  • Merge data from different sources (for example, a database, spreadsheet, or CRM).
  • Use functions and JavaScript code in the Function node.
  • Deal with error workflows and workflow errors.

You will learn all this by completing short practical exercises after the theoretical explanations, and building a business workflow with step-by-step instructions.

Become a workflow automation expert

To get started, you'll need a computer with your preferred OS, basic knowledge of JavaScript and n8n (we recommend taking the Level 1 course beforehand), and around two hours you can dedicate to the course (though you can take breaks and resume at any time).

At the end of the course, you can test your knowledge by taking a quiz, which consists of questions about concepts and workflows covered in the course. If you answer 80% of questions right, you will get a badge to your forum profile to showcase your n8n skills.

Sounds exciting? Then sign up for the course and start building.

Good luck and have fun automating!