As you already know, n8n has hundreds of nodes that allow you to create custom workflows that connect multiple products & data. However, some of the nodes do not include all the possible operations that can be supported by the products’ API.

That's why we're excited to announce the release of n8n's custom API actions for existing nodes.

Custom API actions for existing nodes explained

This new feature enables you to use the core HTTP Request node with an existing credential and spares you the hassle of an additional authentication setup.
By using custom API actions for existing nodes, you can set up credentials with the HTTP request node just as you would if this was a product-specific node, and have the flexibility of making any API call that this product accepts.

Examples of usage

Here's an example: You create an Airtable credential to be used with the Airtable node. Then, you want to perform an operation that isn't supported by the Airtable node, using Airtable's API.

You can use your existing Airtable credential in the HTTP Request node to perform the operation.

If you want to learn more about nodes that are now eligible for custom API actions, check out our docs and how to use predefined credential types.